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Three Pears

We are delighted to launch rebranded, rejuvenated and new ranges of Cyclax just four months after acquiring the historic brand in October last year.

Ed Dunn, Chairman, is committed to refreshing and developing the brand (which dates back to 1896), retaining its heritage, developing new products and new ranges as well as providing a reliable supply chain with a promise of next day delivery.

Cyclax is one of the world's oldest cosmetic companies still in operation today and among its rivals are brands such as Max Factor, Revlon, Coty and Yardley.

The Spring Fair saw six rebranded products in the ever-popular Cyclax Moistura range. Moistura is a beautifully formulated heritage anti-ageing skin and body care range including eye, hand, day and night moisturising creams and lotions, exfoliators, cleansers and toners. Its key ingredients include natural plant oils.  The ever-poplular Cyclax Nature Pure skin and body care range was relaunched at the fair, with seven rebranded and formulated 300ml tubs of face and body creams and scrubs. Nature Pure continues to be a popular seller.

Brand new to the Cyclax brand is Cyclax Baby, a moder and carefully formulated range of 300ml flip-top, parent friendly bottles, comprising bubble bath, baby oil, shampoo and a daily moisturising lotion. Attractively packaged and priced, Cyclax Baby is set to be a volume seller in the pharmacy and discount aisle.

Cyclax Sun is a whole new range of sun protection, aftersun and self-tan products that will include tubes, bottles and sprays with SPF factors between 15 and 50. Aloe Vera aftersun bottles and sprays from a handy 88ml bottle to a family sized 500ml pump are in the planning and a range of four continuous sunscreen sprays and two self-tan sprays (in medium and dark) were released at the show.